About Vinyl Manufacturers Association

A Brief History of VMA

The Vinyl Manufacturers Association (VMA) originated in 2004 as the Vinyl Fence Deck & Railing Manufacturers Association (VFDRMA). In an effort to raise the standards for the vinyl industry VMA instituted a certification program to maintain product quality. In addition to the standard testing like impact, weather, and wind, the certification program focuses on the cell classification of the Polyvinyl Chloride (PVC) based on the American Society of Testing and Materials (ASTM) standards.

For Consumers: Selecting a VMA Member Company

  • When you are selecting your installer, check that the company is a current VMA member below.
  • Tier 3A members must provide VMA certified products, designated by the VMA Certified Mark, under their or the manufacturer’s brand.
  • Tier 3B members can offer both VMA certified products, designated by the VMA Certified Mark, under the manufacturer’s brand or other non-certified vinyl products. If you aren’t sure, ask!

For Consumers: Know What the VMA Certification Means

The most common selling feature citied when selling vinyl products is wall thickness, but that doesn’t tell the whole story. Chemical make-up and product consistency means so much more when it comes to choosing the right product. The VMA certification process is about “traceability,” knowing the origins of what makes up your product.

✓ Only VMA certified products are 3rd party tested for quality assurance.

✓ All vinyl may appear the same, but all vinyl will NOT perform the same.

✓ Choose a certified product, look for the check mark for peace of mind.

Certified Members


Company Name Contact City/State Contact Info
Country Estates Paul German Cozad, NE 800-445-2887
EverStrong Profiles Chris DeLuso Medford, NY 631-698-0975
Homeland Vinyl Products, Inc. Sam Williams Birmingham, AL 800-999-6813
Illusions Vinyl Fence Chris DeLuso Medford, NY 631-698-0975

VMA Members