VMA Certification Program

The Vinyl Manufacturers Association (VMA) has implemented a certification program for Tier 1 members and a licensee agreement for Tier 3a members. Review a step-by-step checklist of the process for both tiers below.

Why Should I Join the VMA?

Members of VMA are active participants in advancing change within the vinyl fence and rail industry by producing, manufacturing, supplying, and selling certified, high quality products for consumers. VMA members also enjoy benefits such as:

  • Networking opportunities with industry peers, vendors and potential customers
  • Member Savings Program offers valuable discounts on more than 25 operating expenses that can reduce overhead
  • Access to continuing education programs
  • Receive free subscriptions to FENCEPOST Magazine and Across the Fence Newsletter designed specifically for fence professionals
  • Enhance your company’s reputation as a contractor/fabricator/manufacturer/supplier in all markets
  • Listing as a member in good standing in the association directory and web site

Certification Program & Membership Tiers

The VMA is proud to announce it has implemented a comprehensive certification program that will verify to customers (distributors, contractors, code officials, consumers and specifiers) that the products of accredited companies meet or exceed industry standards and are made through a quality process. Learn more about how the certification process relates to each membership tier below.

Creating Change

In order to improve the industry and continue to strengthen the investment for its members, the Association needs your help. Consider volunteering to serve on a committee and help propel the VMA’s strategic initiatives forward.

Membership – The membership committee works together to strengthen and grow the membership
Technical – The technical committee works together to ensure codes and procedures are up to date and reviewed regularly for the use by industry professionals.
Education and Training – The education and training committee works to identify workshops and seminars that provide relevant professional development for the VMA members.

Tier 1 — Vinyl Extruders and Extruder-Fabricators

Tier 1 applicants must complete the certification program within nine (9) months of the date their application is approved.
The VMA staff will provide the following certification information to Tier 1 applicants:

  • Certification Contract
  • VMA Guidelines for Program
  • List of VMA approved third-party inspection auditors
  • Facility Audit Checklist
  • Logo use and style guide

Tier 3a — Vinyl Fabricator, Distributor, Dealer and Installer Licensees

Tier 3a applicants must complete an audit within ninety (90) days of the date their application was approved or the applicant will be transitioned to a Tier 3b status. The VMA staff will provide the following licensee information to Tier 3a applicants:

  • Licensee Contract
  • Explanation of Audit Process
  • Facility Audit Checklist

Program & Certification Contacts

Please direct your specific questions to the appropriate program chair below.

Sam Williams, Chair
Homeland Vinyl Products
Phone: (303) 726-8337

Scott Forbes, Chair
Eastern Wholesale Fence
Phone: (631) 698-0900

Don Hardekopf, Chair
Homeland Vinyl Products
Phone: (205) 854-4330

Education & Training
Mike Jackson, Co-chair
Waymark Products, LLC
Phone: (402) 489-0129

Jared Bell, Co-chair
Butte Fence, Inc.
Phone: (208) 884-0203