Gates & Access Control

Gates are often the finishing touch to residences, country estates,
gated communities, condominium and apartment complexes, ranches and businesses.

A Few Gate Types

Gates are used in conjunction with a fence system by a variety of residential and business applications to provide and control access to particular areas. They play an important role in a security system.

Swing gates – This style is available in double or single drive applications, and requires two gate operators (one for each side.)

Cantilever gates – These gates use a counter-balance load bearing design to support the entire weight of the gate as it reaches across the entryway.

Rolling gates – This style uses a wheel to support the weight on a v-track embedded in a driveway.

What to Know

A number of factors must also be considered, such as:

  • How will the property be entered?
  • What access control will be used – radio controlled, telephone entry, or card reader?
  • How will people exit?