Sales Training School

Sales Training School

AFA’s Sales Training School (STS) is a two-day program that builds on the fundamentals of the buying and selling process. Sales people will learn how to identify sales opportunities, develop effective listening and communication skills, and how to close sales by using product features and benefits.

STS is ideal for individuals in sales positions or individuals that would like to gain a better understanding of the sales process. STS helps to determine, meet, and exceed customers’ needs.

This school covers the following

Course participants will learn and practice real world consultative selling techniques focused on the following five (5) modules:

  • Fundamentals of Buying and Selling
  • Positive Openings & Identifying Opportunities and Needs
  • Probing & Listening
  • Support Product/Feature/Benefit
  • Closing the Sale

When can I attend STS?

STS School is offered annually at FENCETECH. We will post more information as we near the event.

General Information

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