Products that are useful to everyday life.

The versatile nature of fencing has led to the development of several different types of specialty fences. These specialty fences can be used in many different applications. Whether you need to contain animals or keep roads safe for travel, there is a fence to meet your needs. Manufacturers continue to improve these products that are so useful to everyday life.

Snow Fencing

Snow fencing, also known as utility fencing, helps control drifting snow in colder climates. These fences, while usually temporary structures, are very useful when they are employed. Snow fencing’s applications range from protecting highways and airports.

Deer Fencing

Unlike horse fencing, deer fencing is designed to keep animals out of certain areas. Deer pose a threat not only to landscaping and agriculture; they also increase the risk of Lyme disease since they carry ticks. Plastic and electric fencing can help protect plants as well as people from the problems caused by deer.

Horse Fencing

Horse fencing is used to keep horses within a certain area. In the past, wood has been the most popular choice for horse fencing. While wood remains one of the main materials in use today, consumers also have their choice of vinyl, plastic-coated wood, electric, mesh and wire fencing. All of these materials make strong, durable fences that keep horses safely contained.