Strategic Plan

Our Priorities and Plan of Action for Fiscal Year 2017



The American Fence Association benefits fence industry professionals and consumers by promoting the highest levels of professionalism, ethics and product standards, through the education and certification of its members.

  1. Budget for and operate to produce sufficient revenue to effectively serve members without operating at a deficit. (Finance Committee, Executive Committee, BOD)
  2. Complete a comprehensive standards-based modular curriculum as a basis for a Certified Installer certification and to enable school segments to be offered nationally, regionally and through chapters. (Education Committee, Certified Installer Program)
  3. Create multi-year plan to get AFA certifications recognized in specifications, especially government specifications. (Specifiers Development Committee)
  4. Assign a Director to support and participate on each committee. (BOD)
  5. Request committee chairs to provide a written report to the BOD at Annual and Mid-Year meetings. (Executive Director and Staff) (Minutes can be report)
  6. Complete a Strategic Planning meeting to evaluate governance structure and make recommendations for possible future changes. (BOD)
  7. Develop Board of Governor Committees to enhance board member engagement and provide recommendations for Association growth and future needs. (BOG BOD)
  8. a. Require a Governor Chair with committee representation from Board of Governors and Board of Directors

    b. Host conference call meeting every 2 months.

    c. Develop agenda for Annual meeting committee work for each committee.

  9. Evaluate, develop and implement a comprehensive industry benchmarking program. Include measurable targets within industry that can be provided as a member benefit. (Benchmarking Committee, Staff)
  10. Evaluate, develop and implement a Governor Share Program that creates opportunity for Chapter Governors to provide information on effective meetings and events, develop methods to enhance member engagement and provide effective leadership programs for current and future association leaders. (Governor Share Committee, Staff)
  11. Evaluate, develop and implement Regional events to enhance member involvement through education and social opportunities.

Deliver benefits that increase profitability, save time, and offer value to our members.

  1. Provide and promote tangible resources to members through member kits, periodic mailings, the AFA website, email, social media, publications and chapter meetings. (Membership Development and Retention Committee, )
  2. Increase the value and use of Member Savings Program and Business Partner Program offerings by adding quality partners, dropping underperforming partners, marketing programs through brochures, the website and having all partners participate at FENCETECH. (Membership Development and Retention Committee)
  3. Utilize the AFA website as a media tool and resource for consumer awareness.

Develop and implement education and certification programs for owners, managers, sales people and installers at all levels of the fence industry.

  1. Provide strategic focus for certification and accreditation program development, for Board of Director consideration. (Accreditation and Certification Committee, BOD)
  2. Encourage chapters to combine efforts to host modular training events regionally. (Membership Development and Retention Committee, Education Committee)
  3. Provide AFA University education programs, including FIS (Core and Disciplines), OIS, CAGSD, STS, CFP exam, CAGOI and CAGSD exam, in the fall of 2016 concurrently in the same location. (Education Committee, Staff)
  4. Evaluate the success of AFA University in 2016 and make recommendations for changes in 2017. (Education Committee, BOD, Staff)
  5. Update Certified Fence Professional (CFP). Offer and promote the CFP examination through regional events, chapters and member companies to include FENCETECH and AFA University (CFP Committee, Education Committee, Staff)
  6. Update and distribute education and certification brochure electronically including schedule of events promoting the programs and educating members how to promote and grow their company utilizing AFA education and certification. (Education Committee, Staff)
  7. Market AFA’s certifications to consumers, architects, Specifiers, etc.) through the website and possibly through trade advertising. (Education Committee)
  8. Implement on-line training for AFA Education Modules. . (Education Committee, BOD, Staff)
  9. Assist AFAEF in researching and obtaining grant funding to support its mission. (AFAEF Board of Directors, Staff)
  10. Support Gate Operator Coalition Committee work with development, revision and new recommendations for education. (Coalition Committee, BOD, Staff)

Increase value in membership through programs that support chapter growth and deliver member benefits.

  1. Evaluate, update and provide new member and renewal kits… (Membership Development and Retention Committee)
  2. Develop and train Governors to present AFA benefits and programs through PowerPoint presentation that can be provided on local level. (Membership Development and Retention Committee, Board of Governors)
  3. Have AFA Executive Director or Executive Committee Member attend at least one (1) chapter meeting in 2016 per Chapter.
  4. Implement and evaluate membership recruitment plan approved by Board of Directors. (Membership Development and Retention Committee, Staff)
  5. Conduct an annual online member satisfaction survey. (BOD, Staff)
  6. Evaluate tiered membership/dues structure for 2016 and make recommendations for update or changes for 2017. (Membership Development and Retention Committee, BOD, Staff)
  7. Promote online dues payments and quarterly payment options. ( Membership Development and Retention Committee, Staff)
  8. Develop incentives for existing members to recruit new members. ( Membership Development and Retention Committee, BOD, BOG, Staff)
  9. Find ways to communicate with all members more effectively. (Membership Development and Retention Committee, Governor Share Committee, Staff)
  10. Develop and implement a Future Fence Professional and Leadership Program to support the future leaders of the Association. Evaluate the future generations of company member needs from a new and younger perspective and develop recommendations for membership growth/retention, certification/accreditation, governance and future programs. (Future Fence Professionals and Leadership Committee)

Create the leading annual marketplace for the fence industry to learn, network, and link buyers and sellers.

  1. Conduct a successful FENCETECH (make net income and attendance targets). (FENCETECH Committee)
  2. Rebrand and promote FENCETECH as a buyer’s show.
  3. Plan and deliver a successful education program at FENCETECH. (FENCETECH Committee, Education Committee)
  4. Grow attendance through promotions using AFA Divisions, trade publications, the website, social media and collaborating with other industry organizations. (FENCETECH Committee)
  5. Grow number of exhibiting companies from non-traditional fence companies (welding, rental, etc.). (FENCETECH Committee, Staff)
  6. The Executive Committee will serve as the Site Selection Committee with invited guests. (Executive Committee)
  7. Implement FENCETECH Advisory Committee to evaluate the progress of FENCETECH and its future direction. (Staff)
  8. Directors, FENCETECH committee members, and staff will visit each exhibitor at FENCETECH to thank exhibitors for their participation and obtain feedback on the show. (BOD, FENCETECH Committee, Staff)
  9. Develop co-locate trade show opportunities with associations/organizations within the industry. (BOD, Staff)

Be the primary source of market information in the fence industry.

  1. Further develop and promote Fencepost magazine as a cost-effective industry print and web-based vehicle to members. (Staff)
  2. Evaluate the future direction of Fencepost through reader feedback and analyze distribution list for accuracy. (Staff)
  3. Publish FenceSense within Fencepost publication. (Staff )

Increase industry and consumer (owner, specifier, general contractor, architect, engineer, etc.) awareness of AFA and preference to use AFA members.

  1. Develop and implement marketing plan with AFA’s approval. ( Staff, BOD)
  2. Continue to develop recommendations on current website enhancements. (Staff, BOD)
  3. Develop stronger relations with affiliated associations including NOMMA, IDA, IDEA, DASMA, NADRA, NARI and HBA. (Staff)

Develop and support standards that professionalize the industry and work for improved governmental regulations affecting the industry.

  1. Support the efforts of AFA constituencies to develop favorable product and installation standards. (Specifiers Development Committee, BOD, Staff )
  2. Evaluate, develop and implement program for fence industry certifications to be recognized by engineers, architects and Specifiers as the standard of excellence. (Specifiers Development Committee, BOD, Staff)
  3. Evaluate and develop a plan for fence related lobbyist group for implementation in 2017. (Certification and Accreditation Committee, Specifiers Development Committee, Staff)

Support and seek to establish AFA Divisions that benefit significant AFA member segments, meet industry needs, and contribute to product and materials advances and consumer education.

  1. Evaluate the viability and sustainability of division development and support. (BOD, Staff)