Vinyl Manufacturers Association (VMA)

Strategic Objectives

The VMA was formed with a mandate to advance the following strategic objectives:

  1. Strategy: Develop product performance standards to govern all manufacturers and establish a comprehensive certification program to ensure ongoing compliance with the established standards. The VMA has spent the past 3 years creating a Certification Program. The primary purpose of the VMA standards is to provide assurance to the contractor and the home owner that the vinyl extrusions they are purchasing, from an accredited manufacturer, are produced to the quality levels as written in the VMA standards.
  2. Strategy: Collectively influence the development of product code requirements for fence and railing products.
  3. Strategy: Develop a marketing campaign to promote the use of vinyl fence and railing products.
  4. Strategy: Develop a third party market intelligence collection program to solicit, assemble and disseminate market statistics and intelligence.
  5. Strategy: Monitor the activities of consumer and environmental advocacy groups and deploy counter measures to advance the public perception of vinyl fence deck and railing products.
  6. Strategy: Develop trade and consumer educational programs to demonstrate the engineered performance of vinyl fence and railing products.

Certification Program

The VMA is proud to announce it has implemented and is actively marketing a comprehensive certification program whose purpose will be to verify to customers (distributors, contractors, code officials, consumers and specifiers) that the products of accredited companies meet or exceed industry standards and are made through a quality process.

The VMA is the voice of the vinyl fence and rail industry. Membership with the VMA offers you extensive industry networking, a strong platform in reforms, and advances your company’s reputation in all markets.

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Certified Members


Company Name Contact City/State Contact Info
Nebraska Plastics Paul German Cozad, NE 800-445-2887
Eastern Wholesale Fence Co, Inc Peter Williams, Jr. Medford, NY 631-698-0975
Homeland Vinyl Products, Inc. Sam Williams Birmingham, AL 800-999-6813

VMA Members