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As the largest and most comprehensive resource in the industry, the AFA can help you and your business by:

• connecting you with other industry professionals
• executing training and certification programs to increase your skills and marketability
• providing industry resources and products to increase the safety and integrity of the industry
• offering discounts and savings through our business partners, member savings program and more.

As an added bonus, receive 50% off your first year of membership

*Membership to the American Fence Association is not refundable.

Building Connections

Whether you are new to the industry or a seasoned professional, it is valuable to have a group of industry professionals to consult with and seek advice from regarding your business. As an AFA member, you can connect with members at an upcoming AFA event or through an AFA chapter. PLUS, AFA member benefits extend to all of your employees – even branch employees.

Training and Certification

AFA’s training and education courses provide relevant information and best practices geared toward different members of your team. Having properly trained employees, learning new sales techniques, or adopting more efficient business practices are a just a few of the many ways that training and certifications can positively affect your business.

Member Resources

AFA members have access to resources like shop drawings and an employee safety handbook under “Resource Center” when the member logs in to the account. The ASTM Specifications Manual is another resource available for purchase from the AFA online store.

AFA Member Discounts

AFA members receive discounts on registration to AFA events (i.e. FENCETECH, regional conferences, webinars, etc.) every year. In addition to registration discounts, you can receive valuable discounts on expenses like credit card and payroll processing, shipping services, office supplies, and more through AFA’s Member Savings Program and Business Partners Program.

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