Certified Fence Professional


Questions about schools or certifications? Contact AFA at (800) 822-4342

The American Fence Association has developed a rigorous certification program for fence professionals to become certified within their industry. A Certified Fence Professional (CFP) must meet a stringent set of requirements:

Supplying a personal history of service to the fence industry prior to sitting for the examination.

Successfully completing a comprehensive four-hour examination, which is administered periodically throughout the year, including at the annual FENCETECH®.

Sign an affidavit and a commitment to the American Fence Association, as well as be subjected to a peer review process.

This program is designed for manufacturers, suppliers, owners, project managers, estimators, and internal office personnel, and is designed to increase your awareness of our industry and your community, and to recognize you for your leadership efforts.


Re-certification is required every three years and involves completing the re-certification form, and earning at least a minimum of 50 points with a mandatory continuing education requirement. (Keep track of the business-related seminars you attend at FENCETECH, at regional AFA events, and elsewhere that will count toward the continuing education requirement.

If you have questions as to qualifying events or point count contact AFA at (800) 822-4342)

Download the re-certification application

Apply For The CFP

Get started by downloading our application. With your initial enrollment fee of $250.00 ($595.00 for non-members), you will be provided with your own copy of the current ASTM specifications and Federal Specification RRF-191. The exam is an open book test with emphasis on these two specifications as well as other areas. Please mail the completed version, along with your fee payment, to:

American Fence Association
6404 International Pkwy.
Suite 2250-A Plano,TX 75093

Download the re-certification application


To participate in scheduled exams or to discuss setting up an exam in your area, please contact call 800-822-4342, or contact your local chapter.

The exam is an open-book multiple-choice test. With you enrollment fee you are provided with a pre-test on CD, a study guide on CD, your personal copies of the applicable ASTM standards, Federal Specification RRF-191 and other specification standards. You may bring a calculator and pencil only to the exam session. All reference material that can be used during the exam will be handed out at the door.

The exam is given every year at FENCETECH and will be made available to any group of five or more individuals at a convenient location. Applications should be in as soon as possible prior to taking the exam so that all reference materials and study guides can be sent to the applicant to allow time to study for the exam.