Certified Fence Contractor

Elevate your career and stand out in your community as a fence industry expert by earning your Certified Fence Contractor (CFC) designation – the new Gold Standard for our industry. It enables anyone in your community to find a quality, professional fence company that has earned the seal of approval from the nation’s top industry association.

Introducing a New Credential


Applicants must meet the eligibility requirements outlined below, which are based on a combination of years in the fence industry and highest level of education achieved.

  • 3 years of experience with a 4-year Bachelor’s Degree
  • 4 years of experience with an Associate’s Degree
  • 5 years of experience with a high school diploma or GED*
  • 10 years of experience with none of the above*

Applicants must also provide three letters of recommendation that attest to the applicant’s qualifications, personal integrity and general reputation for professionalism. The letters may be written by individuals within or outside the fence industry, but cannot be immediate family members, unless the applicant is an employee in a family business, in which case, only one letter from a family member is permitted. Coworkers, generally, are not eligible to submit a letter of recommendation. However, letters from customers are eligible.

*Applicants with fewer than 10 years’ experience in the fence industry, regardless of education level completed, must attend Fence Contractor Business School conducted annually at AFA University.

CFC Step by Step Instructions

How to Become a Certified Fence Contractor

Qualifications to sit for the Certified Fence Contractor Exam

  • 3 years of experience with a 4-year bachelor’s degree
  • 4 years of experience with an associate degree
  • 5 years of experience with a high school diploma or GED*
  • 10 years of experience with none of the above*
    • *Applicants with fewer than 10 years’ experience in the fence industry, regardless of educational level completed, must attend Fence Contractor Business School, conducted annually at AFA University. Other schools may be offered from time to time.
    • Candidates who do not meet the experience requirements as listed above must be within one year of eligibility in order to sit for written examinations.

Step 1: Download the CFC Application. Complete it and return it to AFA with your payment.

A completed application must be provided including the following:

  • Three Letters of Recommendation – these can be written by people with whom you do business (accountant, banker, supplier, manufacturer, etc.), customers or competitors.
  • Years in the Industry
  • Transcript/Diploma

Step 2: Upon approval of the Application, you will receive an electronic link to your study materials. Applicants will have three years from the time their application is approved to compete the certification process.

There are three parts to these materials:

  1. Fence Disciplines: – pre-qualifying exam provided online
  2. Core Topics – pre-qualifying exam provided online
  3. Business Training – (6) in person written exams

The first two items are pre-qualifying items covering information that applicants will generally know. You must take these two pre-qualifying exams before sitting for your business exams. You will receive a link to the two pre-qualifying tests, which you may take at any time prior to sitting for your business exams.

Step 3: Schedule your business exams at a testing event. Study! There are six exams, matching the six topics in the Business Training Study Guide:

  • Marketing, Advertising and Sales
  • Estimating & Bidding
  • Insurance & Legal Issues
  • Accounting & Corporate Structure
  • OSHA Compliance & Safety Management
  • UL 325 and ASTM F2000

Step 4: Take your exams. You will have 4 hours to pass all six exams. You will need to retest on any of the individual exams that you do not pass. You will be notified of test results within 30 days.

Step 5: Once you have completed the process and received your official notification of Certified Fence Contractor status, you are entitled to advertise yourself as a Certified Fence Contractor. Once certified, you may use the designation, its acronym and its logo on your business cards, sales proposals, and other materials normally used in the sales and marketing process. The designation belongs to you! It is not owned by your business.

For any questions regarding the CFC designation or exam, please contact Sara Surprenant at 314-561-6670 or email info@acieducation.org.

Apply to be a CFC Today

Get started by downloading, completing, and submitting your application. Please mail the completed application along with your fee payment to:
American Fence Association
4100 International Parkway
Suite 2400
Carrollton, TX 75007

Download the CFC application

Preparing For The CFC Exam

Upon the approval of the CFC application, applicants will receive the electronic CFC study guide via email. Applicants will also receive a supplemental study guide containing core knowledge topics:

  • Personal Safety
  • Equipment and Tools
  • Truck Safety and Loading
  • Blueprint Reading
  • Site Reading and Layout
  • Introduction to Fence Welding
  • Post Hole Digging
  • Concrete Mixing
  • Post Setting and Anchoring

The Applicant must successfully complete a pre-qualification exam prior to sitting for the written certification exam. The pre-qualification exam will be offered at FENCETECH, AFA University and other AFA-sanctioned events where testing is offered.

Registering For The CFC Exam & Cost

Applicants can register through an approved AFA Event (AFA University or FENCETECH).

The CFC fee is $750 for both AFA members and non-members.


The Certified Fence Contractor is valid for three years from issuance of the credential. Each credentialed fence contractor must earn 15 hours of continuing education in order to renew the certification for an additional three years. Criteria for continuing education programming will be issued by the Certification Committee, and is subject to change.


Any questions regarding the program need to be directed to Sara Surprenant at (314) 561-6670 or info@acieducation.org.

Future Exam Dates

JUNE 22, 2019
• AFA CFCA Chapter Meeting
• Sacramento, CA
• CAGOI and CAGSD Exams Available
• Contact Luke Bailey at likebailey21@gmail.com

JUNE 28-30, 2019
• AFA Texas Chapter Meeting
• Houston, TX
• CFP, CFC, CAGOI and CAGSD Exams Available
• Contact Sean Cooper at copper@alliedfencedallas.com

JULY 19, 2019
• AFA Colorado Chapter Meeting
• Broomfield, CO
• CFP, CFC, CAGOI and CAGSD Exams Available
• Contact Kevin Teel at kevinteel@championfenceco.com

SEPTEMBER 19, 2019
• AFA Carolinas Chapter “By the Sea”
• Myrtle Beach, SC
• CFP, CFC, CAGOI and CAGSD Exams Available
• Contact Jon McCoy at jon@americanfenceandsupply.com

SEPTEMBER 13, 2019
• AFA Florida Chapter AGSD School
• Orlando, FL
• CAGOI & CAGSD Exams Available
• Contact Nick Rike at nrike@jamiesonfence.com

SEPTEMBER 27-28, 2019
• AFA Gulf South Chapter Education Weekend
• Biloxi, MS
• CFP and CAGOI Exams Available
• Contact Jennifer Palmer at jennifer@calhounfenceinc.com

OCTOBER 4-6, 2019
• AFA Pacific Northwest Chapter Fall Fun Event
• Skamania Lodge – Stevenson, WA
• CFP, CFC, CAGOI and CAGSD Exams Available
• Contact Brad Howard at bhoward@scsfence.com