FENCETECH 2021 announcement (12/22/2020)

Due to the ongoing COVID-19 pandemic, we will not be meeting in Nashville this February. Please see the FENCETECH homepage for more information.

Why You Should Attend FENCETECH

  • The opportunity to network with over 4,000 attendees and 250+ exhibitors from 3 related industries
  • Earn a new certification or attend a school to boost your career
  • Be the first to see launches of new products and technology
  • Gain more business and management tools, sales tips and training

A Wise Business Investment

Employees: If you are passionate about your industry, it’s always important to invest in yourself and in your career. You can change the course of your professional future with a couple days off of work and a small investment in registration fees. Not sure how to ask your employer? Here is a sample letter to share with your employer and explain why attending FENCETECH is a wise business investment.

Business Owners: It could be a great investment to your business by sending your most promising employees to AFA University for career development. It doesn’t have to be risky: in exchange for employer-paid education, many employees guarantee they’ll stay with the company for a fair amount of time afterwards – or pay back costs. Here is a sample agreement that you can use with your employees.