Gate Automation Technician School

Gate Automation Technician School (GATS) is formerly known as Operator Installer School (OIS)

Automated gates are a popular form of convenience and security for homeowners, businesses and property managers throughout the United States. Especially today, with an elevated concern for safety and security, many seek the added protection of limiting access to property while enabling residents, employee and other authorized individuals to easily enter and leave the property without delay.

However, automated vehicular gates are not for amateurs or Do-It-Yourself hobbyists. These systems are the job of professionals from the initial design of the gate to its final installation. The hazards associated with improperly designed automated vehicular gate systems can be deadly and knowing the safety standards that exist to protect end users, pedestrians, children and others who may come into the contact with the gate is critically important to the gate operator installer.

This school has produced hundreds of trained, professional and certified gate operator installers. It is recognized as the premier school for training individuals to safely and professionally install automated vehicular gate operators.

This school covers the following

  • UL 325 standard for gate operators
  • ASTM F2200 safe gate design standard
  • A Professional Approach to Safety
  • Types of Gate Operators
  • Gate Operator Basics
  • Gate Operator Accessories
  • Gate Operator Installation
  • Electricity Basics/Testing
  • Timers and Vehicle Detectors
  • Telephone Entry and Access Control

GATS is taught by the industry’s top experts. The instructors have centuries of experience among them and are skilled not only in installation of gate operators, but also in training and education on the products. Students are provided a combination of classroom instruction and hands-on training. The students are divided into small teams enabling the instructors to provide each individual the attention they need in order to complete this school with the knowledge and capability to install a variety of types of gate

When can I attend GATS?

GATS has been postponed for 2020. AFA plans on offering GATS in Texas in November, 2021. Until then, look at our other AFA University offerings in 2020 and 2021.

Certification Option

At the conclusion of this school, attendees have the optional opportunity to sit for the Certified Gate Automation Technician (CGAT) certification examination administered by the Accreditation & Certification Institute (ACI). This requires a separate registration and fee. This application is available at

General Information:

Students should dress comfortably, with no loose long sleeves that could get caught in the gate operator equipment with which they will be working. Each student should bring safety rated glasses for eye protection.

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